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The Wild Beast

Audio Visual Live Performance


I was interested in moving away from the traditional screen format, which we encountered daily, and bringing the images into the real world. Through this process, the physical objects connected the sounds and the visuals for the audience. This piece was inspired by the spaces and objects that comprise the  Wild Beast Concert Hall at CalArts. As I continued my process, the music affected what I created visually, and as I created the visuals, they in turn affected the music. The extreme dynamics of sound and visuals in this work are noticeable at the moment when they disappear. Furthermore, the notion of hearing expands to the notion of sight. This procedure provides the audience with a tactile experience of sounds. Images are transcoded to sounds, then the sounds create new visual elements. The elements of texture, color and beats are tightly synchronized.  

I built a modulated wavetable synthesizer for this performance. Each wavetable is generated by a mathematical function or one can use any wave file for the wavetables. All wavetables are modulated by each other.

Max/MSP, Supercollider

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