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How does the machine work

mNode: Patchable Interface

Patchable Interface 

This project mixed both digital and analog, and software and hardware to reinvent programming as an intriguing performance. Furthermore, instead of using language as the medium for computer programming, I used wires as a medium of connection between objects in a programming environment, explored how this prelinguistic method of programming broke the link of hardware and software, and re-combined them as a new experience. Converting the notion of programming to the act of building a circuit in live performance, I explored the primitive programming experience, a time before language occupied the machine, when we were more closely connected to hardware. Instead of layers and hierarchical structure of the abstract machine, this project emphasized the relationship between each element, such as software and hardware, software and software, audio and visual, space and audience, and explored how to create interesting combinations from these ingredients. 

Software Design:

Max/MSP, Supercollider, Reaktor, VCV Rack

C/C++, Python

Hardware Design:

PIC16/24 series, Raspberry Pi, C/C++, Arduino

Digital Fabrication

Adobe CC, Laser Cutting, Eagle CAD

With the machine

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