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Mondrian: Composition II

Audio Visual Live Performance

When the sound connects to the visual elements, the connection unfolds an additional dimension and it opens new possibilities exponentially.

In Composition II, I used various sounds, specially transcoded from multiple sources, such as images and software, which were  not related to sounds defined as conventional music. In consequence, most of the sounds were harsh noise, although they had intriguing patterns. From these, I selected rhythmic patterns which I edited to make them musical. I also created software to add a degree of chaotic and random patterns to control the panning, reverb, and amplitude of the sounds. The sounds were interesting on their own; however, I wanted to make the elements balance well with the chaotic sound sources. I imagined a simple and abstract image, which I could connect with the sounds. Mondrian’s Composition II is a great example of abstract art, and I thought the minimal shapes and lines could make a great one-to-one connection with the sounds. I divided the sounds into sixteen audio tracks, and assigned each sound to each a rectangle and outline to make a tight synchronization between sounds and visual elements.

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