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...what is seen was not made

out of what was visible

Audio Visual Live Performance


The vibration of air molecules can be perceived as a tangible kind of beauty, at times extreme and other times subtle. This aesthetic abstraction both moves toward and pushes away from how we normally define synesthesia, in which two senses such as hearing and sight form a single, hybridized sensory experience.

This is an audiovisual work that explores a connection between the sonic, the visual, and space. The audiovisual elements are synchronized and unified into a new form of synesthetic experience. A custom designed patchable machine and sixteen channel software oscilloscope are used as apparatuses to connect sound, visual, and space. In the work, the oscilloscope has a functional tendency, which displays the representation of voltage in the center of the screen. However, in the aesthetical aspect, I stumbled on a way in which to detour the screen-centered display and to think about how to decentralize the elements. I used the relation between the screen and the wall, which became an important aspect of the piece, and it led to the decentralization of the main storyline. 

Running time : 24 min - 26 min 

Processing, Max/MSP, Max for Live, mNode

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