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Hard-Wired Wonderland

Site-specific Audio Visual Installation


This project is a prequel of “…what is seen was not made of what was visible.” This audiovisual work explores the connection between sonic, visual, and space elements. In this work “Hard-Wired Wonderland” I contrasted two scenes to explore the perceptual experiences that are created by the integration of multiple sensory inputs. One scene pursues a synesthetic experience through tightly synchronized audiovisual elements. The other is to find a synchronized experience through asynchronized audio-visual elements. I utilize a particle system to connect and generate the visual elements in both of the scenes. The particle system demonstrates how the same core material is reshaped, changed and rearranged by their relationship with other materials.  In this project, I had used a custom designed sixteen channel software oscilloscope as well as a patchable interface to connect sound, visual, and space. Through this process I seek to rethink and connect various elements including time, sensation, hierarchy, language and space to draw out the way in which creativity expands and is expanded through arranging and rearranging the elements.

15 min generative loop

Max/MSP, Max for Live


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