The Wild Beast

Audio Visual Live Performance


This piece is inspired by the spaces and objects of the Wild Beast Concert Hall at CalArts. I thought about how to visualize the musical ideas that I had written to fit the space. As I continued my process, the music affected what I created visually, and as I created the visuals, they, in turn, affected the music. 

Images are transcoded to sounds, then in the sound realm development of textures and unusual rhythmic repetitions are used to create new visual images. The same data is both sonified and visualized. So, sound and vision are tightly synchronized (texture, color and beats). The extreme dynamics of sound and vision in the work are often most noticeable at the moment they disappear.

I built a modulated wavetable synthesizer for this performance. Each wavetable is generated by a mathematical function or one can use any wave file for the wavetables. All wavetables are modulated by each other.

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